We Remember Rebecca Stoudt

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

1960 - 2001

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Marie Shi, student
    Contributed on November 26, 2003

It was 8 years ago, Dr Stoudt was my advisor.
She held a high standard for herself as a professor. Through several conversations, she gave me some advice or criticism which now I fully appreciate and value it.

I admire her for her dedication to her profession and students. Most importanly, I admire her for her strength.

Erin (Ritchey) DeLuco <babar816@yahoo.com>, former student of G. Stoudt
    Contributed on April 19, 2003

Dr. G. Stoudt,

I doubt if you would remember me, but you were my favorite professor at IUP. After reading the latest issue of Stright News, I decided to visit the math dept. webpage and see what was going on. I don't know how I missed the news of your wife's death, but I can't tell you what a shock it was. I believe it was my last semester when we all found out she was sick, but since I'd never heard differently I'd always assumed she had beat it. I feel sort of silly writing so late, but I wanted you and your family to know how sorry I am for your loss. Now that I am married and contemplating starting a family of my own, imagining what you must have gone through brings tears to my eyes. Judging from the tributes I've just read, I really missed out by not having your wife for class. I was lucky enough to be in two of your classes (History of Math being my favorite), and I know that Sara and Scott are lucky to have you.

Erin DeLuco

Sue (Foltz) Luning <SLuning@us.imshealth.com>, Former Student
    Contributed on June 10, 2002

It was an email from someone who read my Stright Lines update that sent me to the IUP website for the first time in a long time. Gary and family, I am very saddened to hear of your loss. I can't tell you what an inspiration Becky was to me during my undergrad days at IUP. She was the only female professor that I had during my four years and like others to post their condolences, I too felt like we were kindred spirits. I always remember how she taught this totally "applied" girl the theory about complex variables - and in colored chalk, no less! In the time when Barbie was claiming "math is hard," Becky made it so easy. She was my role model and I will always remember her fondly. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Valerie Gapshes, Sara's Third Grade Teacher
    Contributed on May 17, 2002

Although I did not know Rebecca, I have been blessed with teaching her daughter, Sara. This young lady is phenomenol. Her kindness towards the other children is quite rare. She has such a kind heart, and I'm so fortunate to have her in my class. I know she loves and misses her mom immensely, and from reading all of the tributes it is plain to see why. Sara's bravery has taught me a lot about myself. I wish her and her family a life full of happiness. And, the deepest sympathy.

Brian Winkel <Brian-Winkel@usma.edu>, Colleague
    Contributed on May 3, 2002

Rebecca Stoudt contributed her ideas to the journal I edit, PRIMUS - Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies. She was a good person, she gave of herself by sharing her original ideas and approaches to teaching, indeed part of the goodness of a person is a willingness to see new ways to do things and then act - this she did at every opportunity. On several occasions I asked her to referee papers and she did so with a flair, a completeness, and a constructive response to a fellow author. I regret that we only "met" through the mail. Her humor, her caring, her sincerity all came through in her writing and I feel her loss as if I had spoken with her, broke bread with her, and known her for a long time.

Rene Rougeux <yzzh@iup.edu>, student
    Contributed on April 30, 2002

I left a tribute months ago, but decided to leave another one. After Dr. Stoudt's death, I wished that I had gotten to know her better and develop more of an advisor-advisee relationship. Yet, in the past couple of weeks, I have had the opportunity to get to know Sara and Scott. They are two wonderful kids. I'm treasuring the thought that I get to spend the entire summer learning more about Dr. Stoudt through her children. Dr. Stoudt may not physically be on earth anymore, but her spirit is definitely still watching over so many people.

Robert Valeria <kdxh@iup.edu>, student
    Contributed on April 3, 2002

I will always remember Dr. Rebecca Stoudt, for she was a truly special person. She served as my advisor for my first two semesters here at IUP and has had a direct influence on myself and my future. Myself being a somewhat indecisive person, she was the main reason I got the courage to switch my major to pure mathematics. Unlike many students at IUP, I was truly blessed to have such an advisor, a friend, and a teacher. She will always be remembered.

My deepest sympathies to Dr. Stoudt and his family and all of her relatives.

Laura Silk <laurasil@iximd.com>, 1998 IUP Graduate
    Contributed on April 2, 2002

Although I never had an opportunity to have Rebecca as a professor, I remember her fondly. I remember her most for her warm smile and friendly greeting she would give me in the hallways.
My sincerest condolences go out to her friends and family. She is in a happier place now and looking down on you with her warm smile.

Michael Klanica <maklanica@yahoo.com>, former student
    Contributed on April 2, 2002

Gary and family,

My thoughts and prayers go out to you.

Rebecca was one of my favorite professors at IUP. If it wasn't for her, I am not sure I would have finished the requirements for my Mathematics Degree.

She will be missed.

Dr. Alyssa C. Henry, former student
    Contributed on March 8, 2002

To the family and Friends of Dr. Rebecca Stoudt:

Dr. Stoudt taught me Calculus I when I went to IUP. I enjoyed the class only because Dr. Stoudt, with her addictive sense of humor, taught it. I took away from that class the ability to explain derivatives using peanut M&Ms as an analogy as well as a great appreciation for the FUNdamental Theorem of Calculus.

Dr. Stoudt was an amazing teacher and person. She will be missed.

Kari (Robson) Behune <kbehune@hotmail.com>, Former student
    Contributed on March 5, 2002

Dr. Stoudt, Sara, and Scott -
I just want to express my deepest sorrow for your family and loved ones.

Rebecca was one of the best professors. I always enjoyed her classes and seeing her stop by in the Computer Science office to say "Hi" to Carol and others. She not only taught me how Calculus, but she also taught me about life. She cared about her students and was able to see when something was bothering one of them. She went above and beyond the concern any other professor would have done and actually tried to help. She told me stories of her past and hardships she had encountered which made me see her in a whole new light. She also taught me a valuable lesson--you have to do what makes you happy.

Christopher Hindman <hindmancl2002@yahoo.com>, Alumni- 1999
    Contributed on January 20, 2002

To the family of Rebecca Stoudt:
After reading these tributes, I felt motivated to write something myself. Even though I did not personally know Rebecca, from what I have read about her, she sounds like a very nice and caring person willing to help anyone out at anytime. During this time of loss and sorrow, it helps to focus on the memories of your loved one to help heal the pain of loss. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers, and I hope that through the power of God, you can find peace and healing during this time of loss.

Papa Amar Sissokho <psissok@emory.edu>, none
    Contributed on January 1, 2002

May God welcome her in Heaven.

zahid hussain <zh2072@cs.com>, Chemistry alumni, 1990
    Contributed on December 20, 2001

very very sad to see or hear such a young daeth, although I never met or saw Ms.Rebecca, but I feel obligated to write few words for her, I also lost very young sister just last year, as a muslim our believes are " anyone born must return to God" so don't forgate the death. I pray for the family in this difficult time and may God bless her soul.

Mary M. Sullivan <mmsullivan@ric.edu>, Math colleague from afar
    Contributed on December 20, 2001

Gary and family--

I am so saddened to learn of Becky's death. The loss of a wife and mother are so difficult. Her struggle has been a long one. I hope you can take comfort in the fact that she is at peace.
Please accept my sincere condolences and deepest sympathy.


Alex Rolón <arolon@northampton.edu>, Former graduate student
    Contributed on December 18, 2001

Gary, Sara and Scott,

My deepest sympathy for your loss. Rebacca will be missed. I am very sorry about this late condolence. But it is never to late to pay a tribute to someone special. I received a message from Nicole Hill, and she asked me if I knew. I did not. I visited today the math homepage and there she is...smiling like she always was. As a graduate student at IUP's Math Deptartment, I have very fond memories of Becky. We had a lot of fun. She was a great professor and I am very proud to be an ex-student of hers.

One of the best moments I want to share about Becky's sense of humor is the time when orientation was taking place and she had asked all the grad students to come and get the pin number. At this time she had gone through chemo-therapy and she had lost her hair. I got to her office and knocked on her door. She said, "Come in", and to my surprise she had on a long, blonde wig. I laughed so much. She never knew this, but I also cried after I left the office, just to see that she can make something positive on such bad times. That day I truly felt that life can not be taken for granted; we need to live it to the fullest. Just like Dr. Rebecca Stoudt did.

I want to finish by saying that God and the Angels are getting a lesson on Operations Research, and guess who is teaching it....
May God Bless you today and forever.

A Former Lehigh Grad Student
    Contributed on December 12, 2001


My thoughts & prayers are with you and your family.

Nicole Hill <nkh3@psu.edu>, former student
    Contributed on December 11, 2001

Dr. Stoudt, Sara and Scott,

I have very fond memories of Dr. Stoudt. (She was my professor in 7 classes.) I am her number one fan. Without knowing her I would still be asking myself, "What will I be when I grow up?". I can't hold the tears back as I try to figure out how to express what I feel in words (I apologize that many words will be lacking, but I am just put back from this.).

She opened my eyes to the world of mathematics. She made it exciting and real. I will never be able to fill her shoes as I stand in front of my students, but each day I strive to be the great professor she was. I find myself saying those "Dr. Stoudt sayings" and students give me that 'look' like she too once received.

I remember the graduate student
get-togethers...okay parties...that she would have at your house. I don't know which made me laugh more: having to eat spaghetti with each person's hand tied to the next or watching Dr. Stoudt try to draw a condom when we played team pictionary. Only she could think up of such ice-breakers.

I regret not finishing the unfinished art projects that I still find in my "art box" that Sara, Scott and I made for "mommy and daddy". Please give those kids a hug from me, they are so lucky to have had a great mom and to have a great dad.

And to you Gary, I am so sorry to have learned so late about the passing of Dr. Stoudt. Today I decided to look at some friendly and missed faces on the web page. (That's when I found out.) Two days ago, I came across the letters of recommendation that you both wrote for me. They were an instant pick me up. They reminded me of how fortunate I was/am. For a while, I was headed in a bad direction, until you and your kind family turned me the other way and pointed me to the path that I should take. I am forever thankful.

I am a believer that everything happens for a reason (for whatever reason it may be). I don't know why she had to be taken away so soon, but I'm sure she has a piece of chalk in her hand
doing one of the things that she does best.

I now have to tighten my belt buckle one more notch because now I know that Dr. Stoudt will be keeping a closer eye on me, making sure that I give my students (like she) the education they paid for.

With deepest sympathy,
Nicole Hill

Anthony Graybill <tbill@tricountyi.net>, childhood friend, classmate,
    Contributed on December 10, 2001

I just heard of Becky's passing 2 weeks ago. It surprised and saddened me as I had thought she might be over the cancer. Gary, I met you briefly at the 15 year H.S class reunion. You parked at our place during Dutch Days this past year. I saw you going across the bridge and I now wish I'd taken the courage to run out to say hello..or goodbye, but thought I'd respect your family time and catch up at a later date.

I remember sharing a playpen together with Becky when Orpha watched over me during a brother's illness. Grade school saw Becky leading the way towards advanced math. Her drive probably made it possible for other's of us to have and enjoy some of the advanced programs and challenges. Math seemed always her love, and I too found joy in it's logic and sense of purity and absoluteness. In high school, even with a busy schedule she sometimes took time to tutor or explain things to others. (a teacher in the making) Mr. Shemory had a little puppet that he would put on the desk of the person with the highest test grade. 8 times of 10 it would land on Becky's desk. A few others of us were able to have that honor from time to time, but not often.

Becky's speech at graduation found her encouraging her fellow classmates to pursue their highest achievements possible; something that she found able to do. So it doesn't surprise me to hear of her students applauding her for challenging them to their best, or staying after hours or for her colleagues praising her example. Her mathematics, doctorate and her teaching were certainly important, but judging from your web pages, her family, friends (including students) and especially children seemed her greatest joy and fulfillment. We lost touch over the years, since about that class reunion, but I'm happy that she found love and happiness in Indiana, Pa. And especially happy that she was able to have and enjoy children before her illness set in.
God Bless and comfort you and your family and friends Gary especially as the holiday arrives.
If Orpha, Roy and Linda/Dave read this, my condolences and God Bless and comfort you.

Mario Mueller <mario@goopers.com>, Alumni
    Contributed on December 3, 2001

I had absolutely no idea until I visited the IUP mathetmatics site. Dr. Stoudt was a professor would could relate Trigonmetry with apples and oranges. After studying in her class, I also got to know her better through the campus University Chorus.

Can't say I knew her as well as most people here, but I can say that IUP has lost a great professor, and Pennsylvania has lost a great person!

My thoughts and prayers to her family, friends, and anyone else who is missing her.

Dale & Frances Peterson <dale.peterson@usafa.af.mil>, friends and former colleague
    Contributed on November 30, 2001

I worked closer with Rebecca than with anyone else while I was in the IUP math department. Our families became good friends. We loved her smile, her generosity, her laughter.

She took great pride in what she did, and consequently she did so many things well: Teaching, caring for her home, raising children, singing - the list goes on.

To Gary, Sara, and Scott, we think of you often, and you remain in our prayers. To Rebecca, the first person with whom I came in contact at IUP ... who helped me move in to my first apartment, who attended my wedding, who dressed up crazy at Halloween - au revoir, until we meet again at the Master's feet.

LuAnn Johns <ljohns@lancaster.k12.pa.us>, friend
    Contributed on November 27, 2001

It is hard to express in words how special a person Becky is. I first met her at Shippensburg, when we were both working on our math ed. degrees. We had some wild and crazy times, let me tell you! What I loved about Becky right from the start was how down to earth she always was. She was always so much fun to be with, and we would spend hours laughing at the dumbest things! While at Ship, I admired so much Becky's drive to get all A's. We never competed, though; I knew I couldn't come close! If ever there was something I didn't understand, Becky could always explain it in a way that got through to me. It is easy to see why she got awards for her excellence in teaching. She just had a way of making things clear, and she cared so much! We kept in touch over the years, especially in the last year or so, visiting back and forth with our families. I am so thankful we were able to do that. I will miss her so much! Gary, our hearts go out to you and Sara and Scott. I know the loss is huge. Thank God the three of you have each other, and all the wonderful memories of times with Becky. Life will never be the same without her, but our lives are so much richer for having known her.

Ron McGarvey <rgm133@psu.edu>, student
    Contributed on November 16, 2001

When I was finishing up my B.S. at IUP, Dr. Stoudt was the first person to offer me advice regarding graduate school. I was unsure of myself, but she provided me with so much confidence, I can remember calling my dad at home and telling him that one of my professors believed I could do it! I will complete my PhD in operations research in June, and I remember those days when I had no direction for the future and this caring teacher took the time to let me know "I could do it". Thanks, Dr. Stoudt

Lee A. Shamory <lshamory@yahoo.com>, high school math teacher
    Contributed on November 15, 2001

Dear Gary, and family:
You probably don't know me. I was Becky's high school math teacher at Middleburg High School. I have had many good students ... Becky was OUTSTANDING! I was honored by her when she sent me a copy of her doctorial thesis and a special note of her rememberance of me. I will always cherish the memories of her, and am heart broken at her passing. My sincerest condolences to you.
I'm greatful I got to speak with Becky a few years ago as her high school honored her with a career advancement alumni award. She was truly SPECIAL.
May God bless you all! LEE

Md. Ziaul Haque <mzh10@pitt.edu>, student
    Contributed on November 1, 2001

I have no language to express my sadness upon Dr. Rebecca Stoudt's death! I'm very very shocked not only for her departure but also for her two little sweet children.God bless her.

chris olaegbe
    Contributed on October 31, 2001

Becky will always be remembered by all friends and family for her generous heart and love she's shared. Her light will continue to shine in our hearts. My very warm condolences to the Stoudt.
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Rest in Peace Sister.

Dan Burkett, faculty & friend
    Contributed on October 29, 2001

Gary, Sara and Scott:

It's hard to know where to begin. I'm so very sorry for you loss. Every day we are greeted with the image of Rebecca on our webpage, and every day, I'm reminded of what a special woman Rebecca was. My sadness is not for Rebecca. She left a wonderful legacy in Sara and Scott. She will always be remembered as a strong woman. She always fought for what she felt was right, and did not settle for less, just because it was easier. I am sure she has gone on to a better place. What greater joy could there be for a perfectionist like Rebecca, than to rest in perfect peace and love?

I guess the sadness is for the rest of us, at what we have lost. I will miss her greatly. I will miss seeing her class dress up for Halloween -- because I know she would have had an evening exam, just for that. I will miss her love of chocolate -- because I usually benefited as well. I will miss being called up to her office when she was mad at something in the department -- because I have lost a co-conspirator. But, as much as I will miss, I must be content that Rebecca was here for a while, and I am better for it.

And so, Gary, Sara and Scott, I hope you too can, in time, remember the good times and count yourselves as blessed for the time Rebecca was with you. For Rebecca, I must be happy -- she got called home early. Her time here is over, but she has just begun anew. She will always be in our hearts and you will always be in our prayers.

Steve Cochran <scochran@adelphia.net>, former IUP student
    Contributed on October 28, 2001

While I never had Rebecca for class, I do remeber running into her all the time in Stright during my graduate studies. It was obvious that she was a special person both as a contributor to the math department at the university and as a wife and mother. I often remember the two of you 'trading' the duties of teaching and parenting between evening classes when I had you for grad class. As she would finish her class, you would take over in the classroom and leave her with the kids. I am only sorry that I never had the opportunity to get to know her better. I have heard many good things about her both as a person and aa a professor. My deepest sympathies go out to you and your family.

Dave Reed <David_L_Reed31@hotmail.com>, Former Student of Both the Stoudts
    Contributed on October 26, 2001

Dr. Gary Stoudt,

It is with my deepest sorry that I express to you my heart felt condolences for the loss that you and your children have experienced. I had the priviledge of having your wife for class during my sophomore year at IUP, near the time she began her fight, and she never missed a beat. Her dedication and courage will never be forgotten. My prayers are with you and yours.

God Bless

Cheryl Turk <clturk@yourinter.net>, Spiral Graduate Student
    Contributed on October 24, 2001

I had the privelage to work with Rebecca during a summer SPIRAL progam. It was very obvious that she loved her profession and above all, enjoyed the people that she worked with.

I send my thoughts and prayers to her husband, children, family, and friends.

Jim Preston <preston00@aol.com>, graduate student
    Contributed on October 24, 2001

"Dr. R. Stoudt" was battling cancer when I first had her as a graduate professor. Even at that difficult time in her life, she was a great teacher. I had her for another class and was absolutely impressed with her dedication to her profession.

I am deeply saddened to hear of her passing but very glad that I was blessed to have her as a teacher. My sympathy goes out to her family and the IUP math department. I know she will watch over both from above.

Rebecca Stine, IUP Alumni May 2001
    Contributed on October 22, 2001

Dr. Stoudt taught me math my freshman year at IUP. She was a very talented and dedicated teacher. I am very sorry to hear of her passing and offer my deepest condolences to her family.

Daniel J. Curtin <curtin@nku.edu>, Friend and colleague of Gary
    Contributed on October 22, 2001

Dear Gary,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. It was clear how much you loved Rebecca. I hope the outpouring of affection indicated on this site will be some comfort to you.

In sorrow,

Ted Semetkoskey <speculate1@home.com>, student~92'
    Contributed on October 22, 2001

I would like to express my condolences to Gary and his children in their time of loss. I also offer these condolences to all of her family members. We will miss Becky beyond what words can express. Anyone who has had the chance to know Becky would agree. When I think of her, I will lookup in the night sky and pick a star and know that she will be high above it.

I met Becky after returning to IUP for a second-degree in safety sciences. I only needed the core courses for graduation. These courses were basically math, sciences and safety. I had two open courses to choose from for calculus I and by luck chose Becky. I had only received algebra one in junior high and had been out of college several years before deciding to return. For every hour in class she would give me one and sometimes two hours of office tutoring. She never seemed to get frustrated by my lack of preparedness for this level of course. She found a way to teach so that the student could identify the use and theory of the subject in their own way. She related the subject to me through carpentry and slicing oranges.

Becky gave me the confidence to tackle the rest of the math and science courses. When the chips were down in these other courses, I knew Becky was waiting to hear how they went. I couldn’t let her down, because she didn’t let me down. I presented her with a wooden apple to show my appreciation. She gave me the career I have today.

Gary, you will always have a piece of Becky to see through your children.

Becky may you rest in peace; I know you have reached the highest level.

David M. Saurman <iup11@aol.com>, Alumni Class of 1999
    Contributed on October 22, 2001

May God bless the Stoudt family in there time of need. Through faith we come closer to God, and even though it feels like a time of grief and despair, it is a time to be thankful. Thankful to God for allowing a wonderful woman to grace this earth with her presence. Thankful to know that so may people loved her. Thankful that God allowed her to touch the lives of many students at IUP. I personally did not know Rebecca, however I had her husband Gary as a professor, and if there is a great woman behind every man, it was definitely Rebecca for Gary. May God bless everyone who shared a moment with her and remember faith conquers all tragedy.

Kim Carretti <carretti.kk@mellon.com>, Graduate Student
    Contributed on October 22, 2001

I'd like to express my deepest sympathies to the family of Rebecca Stoudt. I was shocked and am still shocked that she has passed. I met Dr. Stoudt last fall during a graduate course I was taking. It was the first class that I had taken with her and I enjoyed it very much. I found to her to be most inspirational in that she dealt with everything with a smile on her face. I not only learned about operations research that semester, I also learned about courage.

One thing I remember was tha I had gotten married during that semester and we had planned our honeymoon during October. I was going to have to miss a class and it ended up being a night of an exam. I asked her if it was at all possible for me to take the test early another evening since I worked full time in Pittsburgh. She was very accomodating and had me come in a few days earlier and when I came in for the exam she said 'I want you to know that this is a first me...I never give exams early. Even my husband was shocked! But I figured a honeymoon was a good excuse!' She was a great person and woman who loved her family. I know she is at peace and will always be with them. I'm just glad I had an opportunity to know her.

Angie Swartz <xrfh@grove.iup.edu>, Niece, IUP student
    Contributed on October 22, 2001

To most everyone else she is Rebecca, Becky, or Dr. Stoudt. She is teacher, colleague, or friend. To me, she is my aunt.

My aunt is a phenomenal woman. Surrounded with strength and courage, she is the model of how to deal with both the ordinary and extraordinary trials that come during one's everyday life.

She successfully masters the art of excelling in both personal and professional realms. Now as a senior at IUP graduating in the spring, I look back at the guidance, love, and acceptance that my Aunt Becky and Uncle Gary have shown to me over the years. I always had an open invitation to dinner or to spend the night. There was always an ear available to listen to any problems, academic or otherwise, that I might have. While being there for me, she also was the loving wife and mother of two - modeling to me how I one day hope to be.

As I look ahead to starting my career, there are countless attributes of my aunt, Dr. Stoudt, that I hope to assimilate into my teaching. She excelled in the art of pedagogy and was awarded many times through awards and recognitions for her diligence. Perhaps most rewarding to my aunt, however, was the reception and respect she received from students. While she expected much from students, she gave much in return. Unusual office hours, countless emails, and extra help were not uncommon for her. She was truly the educator who wanted to make a difference.

To all who have shown support during this difficult time to the family, Uncle Gary, and Sara and Scott, you have my gratitude. It is a comfort to me to read all the various ways that my Aunt Becky has touched each person that has memorialized her life on this webpage.

Aunt Becky,
May you rest in peace and painlessness. We will be joining you in heaven someday soon.
With my love,

Tessa Polenik <bkfj@grove.iup.edu>, student
    Contributed on October 21, 2001

Dr. Gary Stoudt and family, my deepest thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.

I did not know Dr. Stoudt that well. We first met when I was a freshman music education major at University Chorus. We were waiting to go on stage for the Christmas concert when Dr Stoudt and I began to talk. She asked me what I was majoring in and I said that I was a music ed. major but that I was taking a calc class and was unsure of what I wanted to do with my life. That was when she told me that when she was my age, everyone thought that she was going to major in music but math was her passion. I guess that was when I realized that I didn't have to major in music to enjoy it. The next semester I switched to math ed. and saw her in the hall numerous times. She always had the time to stop and say hello.

She is at peace now and is singing with God's heavenly choir. She will be sadly missed.

Alesia Erdley Foster <alf@jdweb.com>, friend
    Contributed on October 21, 2001

Becky & I went to Middleburg H.S. together. I can tell you the concensus of anybody who knew Becky at school was that she would most definitely be going places...and she has. And in the process it seems she has touched so many persons' lives in such a positive way. It's wonderful how she has used God's gift of teaching to encourage her students.

My prayers are with all of Rebecca's family. God will take care of Rebecca and comfort you.

Shirley <bncj>, graduate student
    Contributed on October 21, 2001

Rebecca was my first professor at IUP. I had two of her classes. She was a great teacher. I still remember seeing her in the math department picnic last month. She's there smiling, talking to the kids, cheering for Gary. We watched the game and had laugh together...

To Gary
- my thoughts and prayer go out to you, Sara and Scott...

Steve Tallo <stallo@indianaconnect.com>, friend/student
    Contributed on October 20, 2001

I first met Dr. Rebecca Stoudt as I entered her Calc I class the spring of 1998. As the term progressed, so did our friendship. I found her teaching ability to be one that was so concise and clear, that I decided to enroll in her Calc II class the up-coming fall of 1998. It was an eight-oclock class, but she told me that if I could make it to class, then she would keep me awake. Throughout those days I struggled, and she was always there for me, as well as anyone else who needed her help. She always had the time.
In the years that followed I often stopped in with some more math problems, or just to say hi. Of coarse she would always greet you with a warm smile. The last time I spoke with her I was in the process of moving out of my apartment to go home for the summer when she stopped me on the street to see how I was doing.
The world is short of good-spirited people like Rebecca Stoudt. I know I am one of the many when I say that I am a better person for having known her. I will never forget.

Mahmud Ibrahim <hkth@grove.iup.edu>, Graduate Student
    Contributed on October 19, 2001

It is a shock to hear of Dr Rebecca Stoudt's death even though her medical condition was well known. We only pray that she rests in perfect peace.

Marion K. Petel, Sister of Gary
    Contributed on October 19, 2001

Rebecca was my sister. She has had more medical procedururs then One should be allowed. Yet she never complained at family functions. She was a caring mother. Her children are smart and well behaved. Gary my love goes out too you,and Sara and Scott

Ed Sandifer <esandifer@earthlink.net>, Gary's friend
    Contributed on October 19, 2001

Whenever you spoke of Rebecca, even when she was sick and you were worried, you would always smile. What a treasure she has been for you.

My heart bleeds for you and your family. She has had such a wonderful impact on so many people. Please accept my prayers and my condolences.

Ed Sandifer

Tony Buffone, Friend and Graduate Assistant
    Contributed on October 19, 2001

I have previously posted thoughts. However, as I continue to read, I continue to want to share stories of the fantastic person that is Rebecca Stoudt.

In the second year of SPIRAL, Dr. Stoudt saw my brother in Pizza House and mistook him to be me. We look very similar, and she later shared with me the story of her approaching him. We had a laugh as she mentioned that she felt like she was under body guard protection in the presence of me, my brother, and my cousin Gary (also a SPIRAL member) due to our sizes.

During SPIRAL, an article was published on d2football.com which outlined my brother's success as a defensive lineman for IUP. I was so excited that I sent the website to all of my friends. Dr. Stoudt immediately responded, and I could tell that she had read the entire article. The next day at SPIRAL she had printed the article and placed it in a plastic cover for me. (I will keep it forever). She then mentioned that she would have to get to some IUP games to watch them play this season. Sure enough, at the home game against Lock Haven, she came over to section A during halftime to see me. I was so excited that she had come, and I brought her up in the stands so that she could see the band. We went so far that she cracked a joke about being at "nose-bleed" heights.

That was the last time that I spoke to Dr. Stoudt. She said, "I may not be at any more games...I don't want you to think that I gave up being a fan, though. I have some more health problems to battle." We discussed them a bit, I offered my prayers, and she went back to sit with Dr. Walker.

I will remember that for the rest of my life...the fact that she could be so selfless in the face of her battle. And I am FOREVER thankful that she came to find me that night and that I have that memory of her to cherish forever.

I love you Dr. Stoudt.

Jennifer Ponish <swfh@grove.iup.edu>, student
    Contributed on October 19, 2001

Rebecca Stoudt was my first professor at IUP, literally. I entered calculus at eight o'clock that morning and was pleasantly surprised to find out my professor was female. Me, being the only female student in the class, and her connected at once. But that bond grew as she awed me with her ability to and ease with which she helped us grow. I will always remember her endearing spirit and her golden smile. Her strength lives on.

To Gary-
You have always been there for me through my personal ups and downs; you were a confidant and friend. I have very high esteem for you and your family. Now is the time to grieve and call on your friends; we are all here for you, for whatever you need.

Take comfort in the fact that your cherished wife will never be forgotten, nor will she ever forget.

In love,
Jenn, Dan, and Kai

Aurele M. Houngbedji <ahoungbedji@ohiosavings.com>, Former Student
    Contributed on October 19, 2001

Dear Gary Stoudt,
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your children at this time. She was very good to me during my days in the mathematics department at IUP. She was an excellent teacher and academic advisor. It is very hard to believe that Rebecca is no longer with us.


Aurele M. Houngbedji, Ph.D.

Kathy Evanko <kathye@grove.iup.edu>
    Contributed on October 19, 2001

Dear Gary, Sara, and Scott,

Along with my deepest sympathy, I wish for each of you strength during the difficult times, a smile to help ease the pain, and a prayer to lift your heart.
You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Anita Andrasko <lljrhbb@grove.iup.edu>, student of Dr. Gary Stoudt's
    Contributed on October 18, 2001

To Dr. Gary Stoudt,

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your children as well as to your's and Rebecca's families. I never had Rebecca for class, but we had spoken many, many times in the halls of Stright. I don't even know if she knew my name, but that didn't matter because she still beamed with a smile on her face and a sincere "Hi. How are you?" each and every time. She seemed like such a genuinely happy person--and I'm sure that holds every bit of truth. You know, they always say, and I swear I have proof, that God always takes the good ones early. Whatever they were, she has paid her dues on this earth and is now in Heaven smiling down upon us all. Know that she will never be far from you, Sara, and Scott. She probably even has her wings by now. While I know your loss is painful beyond words, please know that she is in a far better place now where suffering and sorrow do not exist. May all of your memories continue to blossom through the years to come and bring comfort to you today and always.

Jennifer Dodson <jenndodson@stargate.net>, Undergrad Student
    Contributed on October 18, 2001

My heart and prayer go out to Dr. Gary Stoudt in this tragic time. I never had the pleasure of being in one of Dr. Rebecca Stoudt's classes, but I had corresponded with her to become a peer advisor. I knew that Dr. R. Stoudt was fighting this terrible disease, but it never showed through in our correspondences. She seemed like a strong and brave woman very dedicated to her career, family, and students.
Dr. Rebecca Stoudt is not in any pain now and looking down on us smiling. Hopefully we can all learn something from her strength even if she never taught us in class. Take care and be strong Dr. Gary Stoudt--just remember that she will always be with you.

John Lattanzio <jjl@grove.iup.edu>, faculty
    Contributed on October 18, 2001

Although I have known Rebecca for quite some time, I had only few opportunities to work with her. Her humorous comments and the fighting over the donuts during the Math Contest Committee meetings will not be forgotten. Nor will her spirit that she brought to IUP be forgotten. I am deeply saddened by her passing but do feel some comfort knowing that she is now at peace. My condolences go out to Gary, Sara, and Scott and to everyone who knew Rebecca.

Wendy Lou Elcesser <endyw>, Faculty
    Contributed on October 18, 2001

Gary, I can tell you only that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I admired and respected Rebecca as a colleague, a contemporary, and a role model.

Rose Womer Fiske <rosefiske@juno.com>, friend
    Contributed on October 18, 2001

I have known many people to be tough but very few to be genuinely strong. True strength is brave in a quiet and peaceful way. It isn't demanding. It doesn't expect the rest of us to understand what is beyond us. It forgives. It holds fast to the good when being angry at injustice would be so much easier. It knows that each day is a gift from God. It sees joy in the things the rest of us take for granted - holding a hand, the smile of a friend, kissing the face of a child ... All these things are a portrait of Rebecca. Her life is probably the greatest lesson the rest of us could ever possibly learn.

To Gary:
God put you where you need to be at just the right time. Thank you for making Rebecca so happy.

To Sara and Scott:
I am who I am because of the years of your Mom's friendship. That probably sounds dumb! I'm not sure that I can explain it other than to say that I loved your Mom and all the really great fun stuff we were able to do over the years. (She loved banana ice cream dipped in chocolate!) She's a special friend. She always will be. Know Why? Whenever I look at you, I will see her. Give Grandma and Grandpa Lyter a kiss and hug from me.

Bill Balint <wsbalint@grove.iup.edu>
    Contributed on October 18, 2001

I worked with Dr. Stoudt on a committee in the mid-1990s as IUP attempted to re-invent its distribution and tracking of scholarships.

Young, vibrant, ultra-intelligent - I was thoroughly impressed with her. I always wish I knew her better. Fortunately, we both worked in Stright Hall and I would catch her occasionally heading to the elevators. What a great smile that gave an indication of her warmth!

Even after more than five years of having worked with her, the news of Dr. Stoudt's passing deeply saddens me.

My thoughts are with her family and those that knew her better than I. You must all be suffering a tremendous loss because she was obviously someone very special.

Bob Stonebraker <stonebrakerr@winthrop.edu>
    Contributed on October 18, 2001

Some years ago a friend of mine -- a victim of local mine closings -- returned to IUP. He struggled with math and was forced to withdraw from a class after a particularly unsatisfying experience. Discouraged and frustrated, he talked about dropping back out of school. But, after considerable soul-searching, he decided to try one more time. Lo and behold, when I spoke with him the next semester, he was a new man. He was learning math successfully and was even enjoying the experience. How did this happen? What prompted this revolution? He explained that it was his professor -- "some new lady" who was "just great." She made math so clear, so understandable. The professor, of course, turned out to have been Rebecca Stoudt. This was to be the first of many laudatory statements I would hear from students in my ensuing years at IUP.

Rebecca changed his life, just as -- I am sure -- she changed many others.

She blessed us all.

My prayers to Gary and the children.

Kris Smiley <ksmiley@advanta.com>, former student
    Contributed on October 18, 2001

My condolences to everyone Rebecca's life has touched, especially to her family, friends and coworkers. Rebecca welcomed me into the graduate program, into her home and into new and exciting challenges with open arms. That has enriched my life on so many different levels. I was deeply saddened to hear of her illness and knew she had the strength to hold on as long as she could because that's the way she was. She is now at peace. May the angels lead her to heaven.

Larry Feldman <lmfeldmn@iup.edu>, Faculty
    Contributed on October 18, 2001

We can judge a person’s life on what we can learn from the way they led their life and how they changed the world. I’d like to share a “small” story. At SEQuaL, we have run a simulation about which type of line is faster, the single line like at Wendy’s or multiple lines like at McDonalds. For years I have wondered what the theoretical answer is to that question. Someone this summer mentioned that Rebecca Stoudt would know the answer. Just a few weeks ago, I saw Rebecca and I asked her about it. She told me that the single line is faster. However, I was surprised when a day or two later, she knocked on my office door with a textbook in hand and took the time to thoroughly explain the math involved.

Life is made up mostly of “small” interactions like that one. Not only did Rebecca teach me some math I can pass on to others but she retaught for me the importance of taking the time to share your life with others in big ways and in small ways. Every small interaction we have every day makes a difference in how people interact in the future. Hundreds of students picked up on Rebecca’s love of math, of technology, of hands-on learning, and of life itself. These are among the many good things Rebecca left behind. The effects of her life will continue to grow and expand to eternity.

Robert Frank <rfrank@grove.iup.edu>, Faculty in Mathematics
    Contributed on October 18, 2001


My heartfelt condolences to you and the children at this time. I only met Rebecca once, but she seemed to be a loving and concerned young woman. I know that her loss will be felt by you most strongly in the days ahead after the attention from loved ones fades. But we know that the Lord feels your grief with you and He will be of continuing and sure comfort in all of the days ahead.


Timothy Buffone, Tony Buffone's brother and IUP student
    Contributed on October 18, 2001

I had only met Dr. Stoudt once in my life. It was during the spiral project last year when I was helping my brother Tony. Hearing him talk about her made me feel as if I knew her very well. To the family of Dr. Stoudt, you will be in my prayers and I am deeply sorry about your loss.

Rene Rougeux, undergraduate student
    Contributed on October 17, 2001

I remember walking in Whitmyre on move-in day my freshmen year and Angie Swartz coming up to me all excited saying that her aunt was going to be my advisor. Although I never had Dr. R.A. Stoudt for class, she saw me through my first two years. I could see the saddness in her eyes when she told me last spring that she was leaving and would no longer be my advisor; she had hoped to see me through my four years. She always helped me talk through my schedule and decide what classes to take. She knew I would be successful, and she'll be watching on graduation day.

My prayers reach out to Dr. Gary Stoudt and Sara and Scott, Angie, and family and friends. You are all in my hearts. God Bless!

Jennifer Jablonski, student
    Contributed on October 17, 2001

Dr. Gary Stoudt, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time. I never had Dr. Rebecca Stoudt for class, but wish I would have had the opportunity to meet this beautiful person. She will be missed and may God be with her.

Amy Bowser <jabows@csonline.net>, former student, friend
    Contributed on October 17, 2001

I remember having to retake Intro to Linear Algebra second semester of my sophomore year. I enjoyed her refreshing approach to the content of the course...just what I needed inorder to understand the material. She was always willing to spend extra hours with me in her office as needed (a characteristic in most of the profs at IUP). That next fall I became aquainted with Sara. Sara and I spent alot of time together coloring, singing, watching Sesame Street, taking walks, etc., as you two got back into the swing of things on campus after Sara's arrival. I always remember Rebecca with a smile and easy going approach toward things. After I moved too far to continue watching the kids on a regular basis, I missed keeping in touch with all of you and watching the kids grow. I remember how accepting you both were of Jason when I got married...and he enjoyed seeing Sara as well. Now as we enter the road of parenthood, I can remember things you both did with Sara and routines you established that we are trying out. Several times we have driven through Indiana toward Bedford to catch the Turnpike and thought we should stop by. Either on to tight of a schedule or reluctant to barge in unnannounced, we regrettfully did not. I will be thinking of you three and remembering you in my prayers.

Jerry Buriok <jburiok@iup.edu>, faculty
    Contributed on October 17, 2001

Gary, Sarah, Scott, and the Lyter and Stoudt families: I want to extend my sympathy to you in this time of mourning the loss of Rebecca. Psalm 139 has some comforting words, and I want to share a passage with you:

For Thou didst form my inward parts;
Thou didst weave me in my mother's womb.
I will give thanks to Thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Wonderful are Thy works,
And my soul knows it very well.
My frame was not hidden from Thee,
When I was made in secret,
And skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth.
Thine eyes have seen my unformed substance;
And in Thy book they were all written,
The days that were ordained for me,
When as yet there was not one of them.

John Henry Steelman <steelman@grove.iup.edu>, colleague, friend
    Contributed on October 17, 2001

How does one pay tribute to someone as special as Rebecca in a few short sentences? As a colleague, I will miss the energy and dedication she brought to departmental activities. Even when her battle against cancer forced her to take a medical leave, she insisted on helping with the construction of the annual math contest, observing to me that that was a way she could contribute to the department even if she was unable to be here to teach.

But she also helped me in ways that had nothing to do with mathematics and the university. She came to many of the Indiana Players' shows. Afterwards she would usually email me. These emails seldom were a bland, "enjoyed the show." Rather they constituted veritable reviews, detailing both what she liked and what she didn't like. I'm sure the next time I'm onstage, she will be looking down with her critical eye. Unfortunately I will no longer have the benefit of getting her reaction.

May her soul now rest in peace, and may God comfort Gary and their children in their grief.

Mary Beth Hulings <mhulings@grove.iup.edu>, Stright Hall Colleague
    Contributed on October 17, 2001

I only knew Rebecca slightly but saw her often as we would meet in the halls or parking lot of Stright Hall. In spite of everything, she always seemed to remain cheerful and determined. My sister-in-law is going through a similar situation. She is the same age and also has two children named Sara and Scott. Even though they don't know each other, I sometimes tell my sister-in-law about Rebecca's progress or treatment programs, but I ALWAYS tell her about Rebecca's determination and wonderful positive attitude. What a lesson to her children about how to face adversity. She taught us all so much about keeping the faith. My sincere condolences in this time of great loss.

Janis Rhodes <jrhodes@state.pa.us>
    Contributed on October 17, 2001

I remember Rebecca from High School. She was a grade ahead of me and though we didn't really know each other very well, I can remember seeing her walking through the halls at Middleburg High and she always seemed to be happy and had a smile on her face. Whenever we had choral concerts at the school, she would always be singing, most times solo. I was shocked to learn of her passing, and my thoughts and prayers are with her husband, children and the rest of her family. May God Bless you all.......Janis Swinehart Rhodes

Francisco Alarcón <falarcon@grove.iup.edu>, Faculty, friend
    Contributed on October 17, 2001

Gary, Sara, Scott and the rest of the family,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May you soon find peace and happiness again. We will miss Rebecca's laughter and spirit.
Just ask for any help you may need during this difficult period!

Francisco, Xavier, Ignacio and Daniela Alarcón

Elaine White <emwhite@grove.iup.edu>, friend
    Contributed on October 17, 2001

Rebecca was a truely special person. I will greatly miss her radiant smile, her warm personality, and great sense of humor, and her friendship. Gary - you, Scott, Sara and the other members of her family have my deepest sympathy. May you find comfort in the knowledge that she now rests in God's arms, safe from pain and care. May she now sing in the Heavenly Chorus.

Maher and Chere Shawer <myshawer@grove.iup.edu>, Colleague
    Contributed on October 17, 2001

We are sorry for your loss. She accomplished a great deal in her short life and she made a difference. You have our greatest sympathy. May God bless her and be with you in your time of need.

Caroline and Earl Anderson <ciander@grove.iup.edu>, Colleague, Friends
    Contributed on October 17, 2001

All of the Stoudts have added richly to our lives. Recently Scott telephoned Earl to challenge him with a riddle; the riddle stumped Earl. Last year Sara gave us a dozen photocopied pages that included both riddles and illustrations. Becky always added something to our family that made us stronger.

Karen Rivosecchi <krivosec@iup.edu>
    Contributed on October 17, 2001

My deepest condolences to Rebecca's family. I only knew Rebecca through email and phone conversations as she willingly became a part of campus activities I coordinated. She assisted me by contributing her time and enthusiasm by participating in my project activities to promote the study of math particularly to middle school age females. She was always willing and certainly an inspiration and role model for these young students. Her enthusiasm and kindness will be missed.

Matthew Dunsmore <ghgh@grove.iup.edu>, Undergrad Student
    Contributed on October 17, 2001

I would like to send out my deepest sympathies to The Stoudt family. I never had Dr. Stoudt as a professor; I only knew her outside of class. She always seemed to liven up a room whenever she entered, and she always had a smile on her face. It is hard to think that she is gone because I saw her at the football game when IUP played Lock Haven, and she looked as lively as ever. Then I heard the news a 3 weeks later, and I was in a state of disbelief. That just showed me her spirit…. She fought until the end. Just like this page has 2 Timothy 7:8… That best exemplifies everything I’ve known Dr. Stoudt to be and everything I’ve heard about her. Everyone she knew and had an influence on will sadly miss her.

Janice L. Carman <bjcarman@mail.com>, Friend
    Contributed on October 16, 2001

Becky and I met about 15 years ago and became friends. We spent a lot of time together back then and really enjoyed being together. Over the years, our paths have crossed much less. We still occasionally kept in touch . . . at Christmas and often 2 or 3 more times per year over the phone or by note. She has always been a very special person in my life and we shared many laughs and tears. Often the laughts were joking back & forth about our differences of living way down South in Maryland!!! I will miss her very much and remember the special place she held in my heart. Becky, you have fought the good fight and run the race. Enter into your rest.

Our condolences go out to Gary, Sara & Scott at this time of extreme sadness & difficulty. Our prayers are with you. Thanks for sharing Becky with me.

Marie (DiBacco) Polka <MPolka@grove.iup.edu>, graduate student
    Contributed on October 16, 2001

I had the great fortune to meet Rebecca when I was a graduate student at IUP. In fact, she was the first person I met. She soon came to be one of my favorite professors. She was always encouraging her students and praising them when they deserved it. I will never forget her Simulation class. She had high expectations for us, and I hope we came through for her.

Rebecca went the extra mile to help me out many times. It was a tough time in my life, and she made it a little easier. She was a role model for many, myself included. I can not fully express my sorrow at this great loss.

Andrea Boito Hildebrand <andreah0@hotmail.com>, student
    Contributed on October 16, 2001

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, Gary. I have always thought fondly of my days at IUP, and having classes with both you and Rebecca in the same semester, and all the work that that was! She was a devoted teacher who pushed us to our limits and beyond. Please know that she has left an imprint on so many lives, and we are all lucky to have had the opportunity to be part of it.

Mel Woodard <mwoodard@yourinter.net>, friend and colleague
    Contributed on October 16, 2001

We are all saddened by the death of Rebecca Stoudt but we must count it a privelege to have known her and to have been her friend. We thank her for her love of life, for her love of people and for her desire to share those gifts which she possessed. I really believe that those of us who knew her are better people because of her influence in our lives. We will miss her.

Our condolences go out to Gary, to Sara and Scott and to all who grieve at this time. May God be with us all.

Nate McElroy <nrm126@psu.edu>, friend and former student
    Contributed on October 16, 2001

Thank you for notifying me about Rebecca. My wife, Dana, and I were students in her linear algebra course in the early 90s. We both enjoyed the class, and the rapport that we had with Rebecca. We've kept in touch over the years, hearing the latest about IUP, Indiana, and your family - seeing some pictures and hearing some stories about Sara and Scott. It was always nice, too, that when we visited IUP she made time to see us - even bought us lunch last Fall. And this spring, when I gave a seminar in the chemistry department, she was front and center to hear about my research - though she admitted afterward with a smile that she had no idea what I was talking about. She was a gifted teacher, a good friend, and a beautiful person. My time at IUP was enriched from having known her. I will remember her fondly, and keep you, Sara, and Scott in my thoughts and prayers.

With my condolence,

Gary Stoudt <gsstoudt@grove.iup.edu>
    Contributed on October 16, 2001

All of your words are very touching and bring joy to my heart. If you are considering writing something but are hesitant, please write, as I read them often and many times over.


Lisa DeLong Cuneo <ldc101@psu.edu>, student, friend
    Contributed on October 16, 2001

First, my sympathies to Rebecca's family. May you find comfort in the days to come.

I met Rebecca when I became her graduate assistant in the fall of 1992. Working closely with Rebecca was easy, and we quickly became friends. We also found out we were expecting our first babies at the same time, so we had that bond as well.

She was my teacher for two graduate classes, and I not only learned math, I learned about teaching as well and was able to improve my own teaching as a result. She was even willing to help me with other classes.

It's so sad to hear of her death. She will be missed by many people.

Tony Buffone <lpjlyab@iup.edu>, Friend and Graduate Assistant
    Contributed on October 16, 2001

My deepest sympathy goes out to Dr. Gary and the Stoudt Family. My heart is broken from the news that we have lost the company of such a good soul. I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Rebecca Stoudt for two consecutive summers on the SPIRAL program at IUP. She was one of the strongest, most dedicated professors that I have ever known. She was a perfectionest-which we often joked about since I worked FOR her and felt that wrath. (She is laughing at that comment.) I know this much.

Over the period of time that I worked for her, I grew to know Dr. Stoudt well. We shared many discussions concerning her health and her philosophies on life and education. I grew to love Rebecca Stoudt as a person. I will forever remember the way that she laughed at my interjections and wittily responded to my words. More importantly, though, I will remember that she took the initiative let me know that she truly cared. My guess is that she has touched scores of others in the same way.

I want to thank you, Dr. Rebecca Stoudt, for taking an interest in me as a person. I was blessed to have the extreme good fortune of being part of your life in some small way.

My love and prayers...until we meet again.

Chad Redmond <chad@mercyhurst.edu>, friend
    Contributed on October 16, 2001

Gary, my prayers are with you and your family. I was very saddened by the news, and I will always have fond memories of Becky. May God be with her. Hope to see you soon.

Gary Buffone <garybuffone@yahoo.com>, SPIRAL Graduate Student
    Contributed on October 16, 2001

I would first like to give my condolences to the Stoudt family.

It was easy to see that Dr. Stoudt took great pride and joy in her life's work of teaching, yet I was never in one of her classes. I worked with her in SPIRAL, and I saw dynamic, charming, humorous, and confident qualities that made her completely unique.

Beyond all of this, she was a pillar of strength. And I'm happy to have known her.

Camille McKayle <cmckayl@uvi.edu>, friend
    Contributed on October 16, 2001

I first met Becky in graduate school at Lehigh. She set high standards for herself and for students. I am sure that this continued at IUP, as indicated in the other tributes.

I came to know Becky as a friend, and looked forward to the times when our paths would cross and we could compare notes about the children. I have fond memories of traveling to meet aunts who would make the most beautiful quilts, going to Reading on the day before Thanksgiving, because noone else would be shopping that day, and playing pinochle in the basement of Christmas Saucon.

Though miles had separated us, you were regularly in my thoughts. Today, Gary, Sara and Scott are. God Bless.


Ruiess Van Fossen Ramsey <rvbravo@grove.iup.edu>, faculty
    Contributed on October 16, 2001

Rebecca was an inspiration to us all. She fought against a relentless disease. Her courage and her smiles will live on in our memories.

Mary Ann McCurdy <mamccurdy@yahoo.com>, student
    Contributed on October 16, 2001

It's hard to hold back the tears as I remember all that Dr. Stoudt did for me and the great fight that she fought. Dr. Stoudt made her students hold the high standards that she held for herself. I first had an opportunity to meet Dr. Stoudt because of a class assignment I had to observe a math class using technology as part of the instructional method...that class ended up being Dr. Stoudt's Intro to Linear Algebra. It amazed me how well she presented the material so I could understand it. (I was currently enrolled in another section of the same class with a different instructor and was having great difficulty.) With Dr. Stoudt's permission, I continued to observe her class that semester and pass Linear Algebra. As a graduate student, I elected to take Operations Research and Graph Theory with Dr. Stoudt. I continued to find that she had an awesome way of presenting abstract concepts in such a way that I could understand. To my surprise, I also found out how hard she expected us to work. The hours I put into those classes were unbelievable (15-20 outside of class). However, she never let those hours go unnoticed or turn me away for all the help I needed. It was also during each of these clases that Dr. Stoudt was fighting her battle with cancer. She never let that lower the standards that were set for her classroom or her students. Thank you Dr. Stoudt for all your help and may the joy of God's arms envelope you and your family at this time.

Ed Donley <hedonley@grove.iup.edu>, faculty
    Contributed on October 16, 2001

It is hard to believe that Rebecca is no longer with us. She was so full of life. But her life and her love continue to thrive in her family and friends. Gary, Sara, and Scott, I pray that God will hold you in his loving arms during this difficult time. Rebecca is now unencumbered and able to love you with an even purer love than ever before. She has not forsaken you. Her spirit is still one with yours.

Rebecca set high professional standard for her colleagues to follow. She made so many valuable contributions to the Mathematics Department and to IUP. But more importantly, Rebecca cared deeply about her students and always strived to do what was best for them. We miss her dearly.

Write a tribute or condolence for Rebecca Stoudt