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Picture of Daniel P. Radelet

Dr. Daniel P. Radelet

Mathematics Department


207 Stright Hall
Mathematics Department
210 South Tenth Street
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Indiana, PA 15705

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Dan Radelet's Course Schedule for Spring 17

DEPT CRS SEC BANNER TITLE                          CRDT  DAYS   TIME             BLDG  ROOM
MATH 125 001 21582C Calculus I/Physics, Chem, Math 3.00  M W F  10:10 am-11:00 am  STRGT 226
MATH 225 001 21620C Calculus III/Phys,Chem,Math    3.00  M W F  11:15 am-12:15 pm  STRGT 226
MATH 125 002 21583C Calculus I/Physics, Chem, Math 3.00  M W F  01:25 pm-02:15 pm  STRGT 226
MATH 101 801 21547C Foundations of Math            3.00   T     00:00 am-00:00 am  ONLIN WWW

Dan Radelet's Office Hours for Spring 17

Monday    12:35 pm -  1:20 pm,  2:20 pm -  3:15 pm
Tuesday   None
Wednesday 12:35 pm -  1:20 pm,  2:20 pm -  3:15 pm
Thursday  None
Friday    12:35 pm -  1:20 pm,  2:20 pm -  3:15 pm


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